Veneers are thin porcelain coverings that are bonded on the front of the teeth. They are usually done to cover discolored, stained, or poorly shaped teeth. The stain can be external or discolored from within such as is often found in teeth that had root canal therapy many years previously. Sometimes veneers can be done without tooth preparation or reduction known as prep-less veneers, other times some tooth reduction is necessary. They can make a remarkable change in a person’s appearance.

Dental veneers usually require three appointments one for diagnosis and study models, a second for preparation, impression and temporaries and a third for bonding the veneers in place. The veneers are laboratory fabricated and have a much longer life expectancy than directly bonded composite coverings. It will usually take a few weeks following the bonding of the veneers for you to get used to the change in shape color and size. You may notice a slight change in your bite and occasionally temporary changes in some speech sounds. After about two weeks we will ask you to return for any minor adjustments that may be necessary.

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Dr. Mark Mercer is Michigan native raised in the Detroit area. He received his degrees from Lake Superior State University and University of Detroit. Dr. Mercer has extensive training in cosmetic, prosthetic, and implant dentistry along with additional training in orthodontics and laser surgery.

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